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“If you dream it, we do it”

The Virginia Commonwealth University was only the beginning of her new business adventure. As a young enthusiastic woman and newly graduated Amal started her own company in 2007.

Since then, her strong will and passion for success drove her to build her own group surrounded by a multicultural and a professional team.

Planning and executing more than 150 projects in different fields related to fashion, art, artistic and interior design and services has led Amal Ameen to become a recognized international businesswoman

Triple Trend

Triple Trend Design House creates the theme of graphic, interior and fashion design in relation to the individual perception of the customers. We develop concepts that follow a self-conscious view, based on opinion, discussion, research and an understanding of the whole procedure.

The perception of each idea will be manifested in a creation that brings together the presage of the clients and the team’s challenge to perform their vision. At Triple Trend we offer creative and technical solutions applied within a structure by shaping the experience of an interior space. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive.

Amici Di Moda

Is a Luxury Department Store that offers the ultimate experience for men and women, the concept is a fusion of art and fashion. The premier destination for creative established artists for the first time in the region; promoting local creators and bringing a new level of luxury fashion, sourcing the most desirable and cutting-edge designer brands. including contemporary emerging and established brands, premium luxury designers, coveted private labels, exclusive bridal dresses and lingerie. The department store also hosts a beauty section and a space with exclusive niche perfumes that cannot be found anywhere else.

La Boutique Blanche

Is an upscale contemporary women’s boutique located in the heart of Qatar; that specializes in Haute couture dresses, evening, cocktail gowns and selected accessories to mix and match. We have more than one hundred and fifty brands from all over the world, had been carefully selected in the best fashion weeks. we offer limited editions perfumes that can only be found in our store.

Mahain Jewelry:

Is a niche jewelry store filled with the most outstanding and extravagant collections, unfound in any jewelry store in Qatar. The concept design has been inspired by flower petals and the interior of the store has abstract forms of these flower petals. The choice of using the flower petals is because they symbolize and represent femininity and the beauty of a woman.

Amal Ameen Beauty:

 1-La Vue Salon:

Presents a new contemporary and creative hair salon in Doha that enhances the whole beauty concept to the level of hair design. The fact of creating a custom-made style for each lady and to be able to offer her a choice in each occasion is the main purpose of this trendy salon composed by a multinational team, each one expert in its field.


2.Soul by Amal Ameen:

An exclusive and new fragrance inspired by Mykonos. Soul represent this calm moment of escape where our feeling of completeness and happiness is overwhelming.


ANTHÉNEA – Smart Floating space

The most innovative type of accommodation to wow your hotel guests, Unique and attractive design to sparkle your hotel visibility, Comfort and luxury at their peak, for an unforgettable stay that has a 360-degree panoramic window, Underwater vision, Rooftop solarium, Freshwater production and solar power solutions available to achieve full autonomy.


On Anthénea, time stands still. In this comfortable space, you will be gently rocked from your bed to the sofa or solarium.  You are connected to nature and disconnected from the urban world.  Every second brings you closer to the essential.

“… to be in harmony with Nature surrounding you…”


Amal Ameen F&B


Is a dedicated specialty cloud kitchen in where we serve a fusion of international cuisine using the best of local spices and flavors.

2.Vogue Café

Condé Nast opened the doors to the very first Vogue Café in 2003 in Moscow, followed by permanent locations in Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Porto, Riyadh, Beijing and Shanghai in 2021 and now its latest addition in Doha – Qatar. It’s all about stylish food and drink for the fashionable: the chicest dining experience in the city, where Vogue’s iconic photography make its aspirational mystique of affordable luxury and timeless elegance instantly recognizable. Vogue Café is a contemporary and elegant all-day dining restaurant / café.