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Miss Amal Ameen Al-Mehain graduated in 2004 from the Virginia Commonwealth University, school of arts in Qatar; and holds a bachelor of fine arts and interior design. Also, she has an advanced certificate in Arts, Communication, Etiquette and Protocol that has allowed her to manage multiple events and staff along her career.
Since her graduation she starts her own company of graphic and interior design; she is involved in logo creation, branding, and corporate design development.
During the Asian Games in 2006 she takes part in the biggest Islamic exhibition. Her company is selected to build an Islamic Museum in one of the main halls. This museum becomes a relevant project to the media due to the Islamic elements manufactured in it. Her project is an invitation to immerse foreigners to experience Islamic architecture and to discover more about Islam. Three years after this event, Amal Ameen will be awarded as one of the most successful career women in Qatar.

She also works five years as senior interior designer and art director for an important real estate group managing thirty-six persons; responsible for graphic and interior design, web development and web design. Her work gives a global exposure to Qatari advertising and design services professionally and efficiently. Her main focus will be to expand her interior design skills and creativity through her experience; and that is why she achieves one hundred and fourteen projects of residential houses and seventeen retail businesses in Doha.
In 2011 she will be the only Qatari speaker invited to participate in the four-day working conference Tasmeem that takes place in Doha. Her topic is related to codes and terms for success.
After many years of positive experience and project implementation she decides to create Triple Trend Design, a design house that explores the themes of graphic, interior and fashion design in relation to the individual perception of the customers. The three trends revolve around her main purpose: The design.

In 2013 the idea of La Boutique Blanche came up and she starts to research in local and international fashion markets; during two years she will be traveling and developing the concept that had been launched in 2015. La Boutique Blanche is a unique multi brand store born from the thought of creating a universe of fashion that brings countries together under one roof. The interior design represents in every single element the inspiration of Amal Ameen; and its strength, shows a determined woman that is gaining attention in the design scene internationally.
After many years of successful stories in the visual artists and interior design scenes she has recently launched her new stores Amici di Moda and Mahain Jewelry at Place Vendome. Amici di Moda is a Luxury Department Store that offers the ultimate experience for men and women; a fusion of art and fashion. The premier destination for creative established artists for the first time in the region; promoting local creators and bringing a new level of luxury fashion,

sourcing the most desirable and cutting-edge designer brands.