Over the years, fashion trends have been changing dramatically, according to the evolution of the world around us. Great fashion designers influenced this transformation and captured the world’s attention, positioning the fashion industry within the global market.

In the ’60s and ’70s, people experimented with styles that were influenced by music and social movements; bell-bottom pants, unbuttoned shirts, and flowing jumpsuits were the trend. By the ’80s and ’90s, people favored celebrity-inspired outfits, especially those worn by top models like Naomi Campbell or style icons like Princess Diana.

During the 2000s, fashion designers adopted all kinds of fashion trends from the past decades.

Some of the main trends during those years were: Frosted lip gloss, low-rise jeans, trucker hats or popcorn shirts. Last year, for example, trends like slip dresses, animal print and tiny handbags were popular again. 

So what are we expecting for this summer 2020? There is a whole range of combinations for the fashion lovers like us! Shoes worn over pants, oversized Victorian-inspired sleeves, chunky boots with feminine dresses, maxi faux leather coats, matching printed tops with stockings or bucket-styled bags and oversized gold chain necklaces.

In addition to that, we cannot forget to mention the top summer color trends: The passionate “Flamme Scarlette”, the “Orange Peel” or “Saffron” colors that we can almost smell or the “Mosaic Blue” or “Faded Denim” that we wish to wear. The “Biscay Green”, “Chive” and “Classic Blue” colors complete the rainbow of fantasy that fashion designers have proposed for the coming summer season.